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Welcome to the merchandising element of our wildlife ranch.  We specialize in all forms of wildlife related products and services.  Our ranch has over 1400 animals across nearly 30 different species roaming 3000 acres of Oklahoma wilderness.  We have various artwork completed and ready for immediate shipping, but we also offer world class taxidermy for your most custom desires.  Due to the large size of our ranch, we have significant amounts of horns, hides, antlers, mounts, and other wildlife tangibles to enhance your trophy room or outdoors ambiance.  We also have a huge trophy room in our ranch’s Luxury Lodge, as the photos depict below, and all these mounts/products are available for purchase.  Due to our long relationship with FedEx, we can easily and economically ship worldwide.  Please allow us the opportunity to fulfill all your wildlife décor needs.

It is the sole responsibality of the buyer to be in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws governing the purchases, possession, and transportation of any item acquired from the Wildlife Creations. Our offer to the sale is void where prohibited by law.

Depending on the wildlife item, it may be sold either from our Oklahoma or Texas operations. Do to the nature of our artistic products, all sales are final.

We have numerous more taxidermy for sale beyond those advertised on our website, contact us if you need something not shown here. We also buy taxidermy collections if you are interested in selling any number of wildlife items.

Office: 405-395-2612
Cell: 405-220-2221
Email - triple_s_wildlife@yahoo.com

**The offer for sale is in the SELLERS STATE only for any animals that are listed on the US endangered species list, or cities, or under the condition all parties obtain necessary permits.**