What we have here is a hand made table lamp with a solid base and the lamp itself made with a Fallow deer skull and antlers. (yes its real). It stands at 32 inches tall. This Fallow deer table lamp will be the conversation piece of the house.

Everyone will be asking where did you get that? and What kind of animal is that? We Make all our products by hand.

In years past, the fallow deer was mainly found outside of North America in the country of Europe. Recently though, fallow deer have been introduced to various areas across the United States, such as California, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. There are several different varieties of fallow deer, but the most common is one with a white spotted, light brown coat.

Was $179.99
Now $149.00

**The offer for sale is in the SELLERS STATE only for any animals that are listed on the US endangered species list, or cities, or under the condition all parties obtain necessary permits.**