This lovely wood base, glass enclosed scenery boasting White Tail Deer antlers on a grassy field with a duck in a sitting position, and a hand made hunting knife measuring 11.5 inches long and made of high tinsel stainless steel that stays sharp for 100's of cuts as the center piece.

 Note the feathers in the background of this fantastic piece of decor. The White Tail Deer antlers are genuine and from our wildlife ranch.

This piece can add a nice rustic accent to any room. The knife can be removed for real life use's or to have the decor fit in a certain room. This is 100% hand made by our crafter located on our ranch.


Was $169.99
Now $149.99

**The offer for sale is in the SELLERS STATE only for any animals that are listed on the US endangered species list, or cities, or under the condition all parties obtain necessary permits.**